Forest Rhythms presents KOOII Live : Save the Promised Land Concert

Friday, 19 July 2024 | 07:00 PM to 11:00 PM


Join us for an unforgettable evening of music and purpose, featuring the renowned band KOOII as our headliner, including local support act Mahji. This special event is not just a musical celebration but a powerful fundraiser aimed at spreading awareness about the imminent threat of logging operations that endanger the precious koala population around Bellingen and the entire mid-north coast.

The Promised Land, Never Never Creek, and Tuckers Nob Forest are iconic natural sanctuaries that need our protection. These areas are not only vital habitats for koalas but also essential ecosystems that support a diverse range of wildlife and plant species. Recent logging activities pose a significant risk to these fragile environments, and it's up to us to take action.

By attending this concert, you will contribute to the efforts of preserving these critical habitats and ensuring the survival of the koalas and other wildlife that call these forests home. KOOII's soulful melodies and passionate performance will inspire and unite us in our mission to protect these lands.

In addition to KOOII's electrifying performance, the event will feature guest speakers from environmental organizations, informative booths, and opportunities to get involved in ongoing conservation efforts. Together, we can make a difference and safeguard the future of our forests and their inhabitants.

Mark your calendars and be part of this extraordinary event. Let’s come together to be the guardians our forests need. Your support can help save The Promised Land and ensure a safe haven for our beloved koalas.

All proceeds from the event will go directly towards conservation projects and initiatives aimed at protecting the Promised Land, Never Never Creek, Tuckers Nob Forest, and the koalas that inhabit these areas. Don’t miss out on this chance to enjoy great music while making a positive impact on our environment.




  • Friday, 19 July 2024 | 07:00 PM - 11:00 PM


Bellingen Memorial Hall