First established in 1929, the Hall features classic 1920s architecture.

The Hall has been an integral part of the lively Bellingen culture, from the balls of old and the rock concerts of the seventies, to the Bellingen Jazz Festival, Bello Winter Music Festival, Screenwave International Film Festival and many more. It's used for everything from public meetings and weekly classes to plays, gigs, movies, auctions, school events and more. 

A wonderful array of touring acts has passed through the Hall and this, coupled with local festivals has given Bellingen a nationally recognised reputation as a cultural hub, despite it being a small country town.

Bellingen Memorial Hall underwent significant renovations during 2022 and reopened to the public in April 2023. The venue has benefitted from a substantial audio visual upgrade and the addition of an entirely new venue, dubbed ‘Studio BMH’, offering a highly flexible performance and meeting space.